The Social SEO Challenge

Search engines like Google, Bing and others are loosing importance while social networks like Facebook and Pinterest are getting more and more powerful as marketing tools. (1) (2) is even talking about an ecosystem with a huge variety of life. (4) The “Conversation prism” below is a model of this very complex ecosystem.

The Conversation Prism

If you want to market your products, you can not lay back with a home page in Internet. You must create a home page that follows basic SEO rules to be visible in the search engines. You must then create a page in Facebook, publish photos on Pinterest, send messages in Twitter. And your home page must be linked to the social networks with “like” buttons, etc.

While advertisements in Google is like shouting out “Buy my product!” on a Metro Station, an advertisement in Facebook is like knocking on the door of a customer that is looking for you.

The marketing world is changing continuously and it is very difficult to follow what is going on. Try following the dialogs and news on sites like and Try to study all the info available in Facebooks help center at Try to learn all about Google I do not mention the information available in other language areas. I practice 5 languages (Swedish, German, Italian, French and English and I understand quite well Spanish, Danish and Norwegian) so I have access to a lot of information about internet marketing. If you want to know how to best sell your product on Internet, you wont have any more time to develop you product.

I create home pages on Internet with CMS like WordPress and Drupal. But my focus is always visibility in Google and Social Media. Webmasters may sell you a fancy and hip site, built upon images and elegant “Adobe shockwave” animations. It will maybe look like a gem but there will be no eyes looking at it, if you are not already famous on the market. I recommend spending your money, to get a site that is visible and brings you customers.

Established in 1987 with the name SK-Biten, the principal ambition was to create didactical software in assembler, basic and pascal. With the upcoming of Internet, I started creating home pages in 1995 and in 2000 I were requested to dig into the SEO and advertizing djungle. I am since 2009 working with WordPress and Drupal and since 2011 with Facebook marketing.

More detailed information on our services can be requested by contacting us at or calling +46 704 801607 (SE) or +39 331 48 35158 (IT).

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