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Fast Plants

I will soon post information about a new Science project here.

Fast Plant project observe together the development of a vegetable (e.g. Brassica Rapa ) that will be planted the same day but in different locations.
The Project Fast Plants will collect the data sent by the students periodically and start the comparisons and analyzes in tables, graphs and other means, through the environment for EAD,
The project promotes the exchange of information resulting from this experiment.

The life cycle for Fast Plants is extremely short; under ideal growing conditions of continuous light, water and nutrition, plants will produce harvestable seeds approximately 40 days after planting.
Wisconsin Fast Plants were developed as research tool at the University of Wisconsin – Madison and have been used by K-16 teachers around the world for nearly 30 years as an educational model-organism.

Doves for Peace 2017 Participants

  1.  Ispir Iuliana-Florentina -Romania 
Liliya Timeryasheva – Russia 

Michelle Huseman – USA 

Hugo Maldonado – Mexico 

Larissa Tarasevich -Russia 


Nikol Waters  – USA 

Julia Karaban – Russia


David Donat – Spain

Li-chi Hsu   – Taiwan

Kalinina Tatyana – Russia

Kamal Preet  -India


Michael Middleton – USA

Clair Wu – Taiwan

Kazakova Natalya\Larissa Tarasevich – Russia


Ledia Montiel – Mexico

Kholkina Tatyana – Russia

Muhammad Nadeem akhtar khan – Pakistan


Lori Towle – USA

Maya wen –Taiwan

Carla Campos – Brasil

Golubeva Ludmila – Russia


Judith Lopez – Spain

Julie Shoenherr – USA

Darya Chereneva – Russia

Svetlana Rovenskih – Russia


Ispir Iuliana-Florentina – Romania

Lilia Temiryasheva – Russia

Michelle Huseman – USA  


Victoriya Solodkova – Russia

Julie Raupp – USA

Carolina Monterrubio – Mexico

Zhanna Arhipova – Russia


Ledia Montiel – Mexico    

Veronica Pareyra – Peru 

Svetlana Rovenskih – Russia