How to register students

If you want your students work in Kidspace by creating webpages in an independent way, you have to register them in order to get username and password.

Kidlink allows teachers to do it in a simple way by “classroom registration”  
Follow these steps: (You must be logged in as a teacher and your registered email must be valid.)

Step #1 Open a new doc in Excel /OpenOffice/Google Drive writing the data of your students like in the template (Fig.1) 




Only one data each cell: A: Name, B: password, C: age, D: Country code *, E: School name, F: email
* You find the country codes in this page

(Fig 2)
Step #2

Save this file by selecting .cvs format

Step #3
Once saved and closed, click on your csv file to open it; it will  display more or less  in this way

Fig. 3


Click on Ok 



Now your file csv is ready for Kidlink: every data are in the same cell, but separated fy a comma.

Login and go here: Registration of your students     and submit your csv file by clicking the button Submit in the page on the bottom.
The script will create usernames and send a confirmation email to your email address, with the new user data.