About Kireus


About the name Kireus

According to Greek mythology, Kireus the Smith is one of the eight sons of Sol, the Father of all Gods.

Webmaster and SEO 


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  • Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Didactic, French, Human ecology, Jtalian, Pedagogic at Goteborg University
  • Computer programming language experiences: assembler, basic, bash, cgi, turbo pascal, html, php
  • Math and Science  teacher K9 1987-12017
  • Chairman Kidlink Association 2009- webmaster www.kidlink.org 2002-

Programming projects

  • Database program in basic, 1986
  • Flight simulator, 1987 (Basic & Assembler on Microbee IC)
  • 2 dimensional function plotter, 1987 (Basic & Assembler on Microbee IC studying math at Goteborg University)
  • Equation solving simulator for compulsory school, 1988 (Basic & Assembler on Microbee IC as part of math didactic course at Goteborg University)

Excel – visual basic projects

  • Excel sport event system, 2000-2009
  • Excel student evaluation system, 2005-2008
  • Excel Visual Basic for among others Excel sheet data migration to SQL, 2008
  • Excel accounting systems, 2010-2011

earn and have fun!

Webmaster Rap

SEO Rap – this is not me, but he is giving you  truth


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