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This page is now updated with timetables and travel options for summer 2022.




timetables (not yet published for 2023)

I upload sometimes timetable photos taken on the harbor in Lipari.

Airport – Lipari connections



Neaple Capodichino airport – Lipari

The following departure/arrival data are valid 2022!

Option 1 – train – hydrofoil

  • Napoli railway station departure 09:50 am
  • Arrival Messina 15:35
  • Departure hydrofoil Messina – Lipari direct 18:30
    (only summertime, June – August)
  • Arrival Lipari 18:30

Option 2 – Boat over night

  • Napoli harbor departure with (www.siremar
  • .it/ car option available)
  • Genova harbor departure to Palermo ( car option available)
  • Livorno harbor departure to Palermo ( car option available)




Catania Fontanarossa airport – Lipari

The following departure/arrival data are valid 2022!
There are different options for the trip Airport – Lipari depending on your arrival  to Catania and luggage received in hand.

If you arrive late to Catania, e.g. after 19:00
I recommend to book a night in Catania (I usually book “Catania international airport Hotel”. If that hotel has no rooms available, I book instead “Le Dune Sicily Hotel” that is also near the airport in front of the beach and a very good beach restaurant.)

Otherwise you have to pay about 100 Euro for a cab to Milazzo and then maybe stay overnight in Milazzo (I usually book “Le Petit Hotel” in Milazzo which is just in front of the harbor ).

I recommend booking with Aldibrando. Ask for Giovanni S. He knows safe driving rules (Safe distance and velocity rules). 

Travel options Airport – Lipari

Giuntabus srl – airport – Milazzo – departure summertime 2022
OBS. The bus ticket shop and departure is outside the  east (left) airport exit.

Siremar boat Milazzo – Lipari with Siremar
The boat harbor (Terminal traghetti isole eolie) is either just beside the hydrofoil harbor or  200 meters south from the hydrofoil harbor. (see Google maps)

Siremar hydrofoil Milazzo – Lipari with Liberty Lines


The islands from September to May are great for walks, trekking and cycling. 

I do avoid travel stress and do not take riscs.

If you decide to come to the islands in this period,
because of weather conditions, you may get problems for the Sea connection between  mainland (on Sicily or in Napoli) and Lipari.

So be prepared to have to stay one night on mainland at arrival or departure before your flight back home.

I usually leave the island the day before my flight from Catania.

I most frequently stay overnight at

A few times, I have also stayed overnight in Taormina at




Nice sites in Sicily

There are plenty of nice sites on Sicily, like Novara di Sicilia, Siracusa and Palermo. Have a look at the Sicily tour description on

But also Milazzo has some nice things to visit, like the marvelous beach on the west side. with views over the islands.



Sources and links


  • Hotels

    • Catania
      • “Catania international airport Hotel”. 
        See in Booking.
      • The hotel has swimmingpool available summertime.
        beatiful rooms with view over Etna from their third floor.
        They have an excelent restaurant and serve good early morning breakfast.
        Transfer. They take you to the airport if you book this, the day before.

      • “Le Dune Sicily Hotel”
        See in Booking
        Link to Google maps.
        a Nice hotel with swimming pool near the nice beach near the airport.
        Nice swimming pool,
        no transfer. You have to pay taxi to the airport.

    • Taormina


  • GNV
    E.g. Genova – Palermo with car
  • Grimaldi
    E.g. Livorno – Palermo with car
  • Siremar
    Napoli – Lipari – Milazzo
  • Liberty lines
  • Palermo -Lipari – Milazzo


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