Landing page as a good start

It is very important to get your business information out asap as it takes time for the search engines to get your site analyzed and presented online.  Having a site online with keyword rich content and informative images, gives you the possibility to start fixing backlinks to your site, from a Facebook page or any good social media (Pinterest, Twitter, etc), from Google Adwords or any announcement (Facebook, Bing, Yahoo etc), from any portal site or forum.

It takes time for a designer to create a unique site, that is a good image of your product. So I advice to start with a generic landing page theme, a landing page that could be either referencing or transactional.  There are a lot of landing page themes around if you look for “landing theme”. Look eg at

It is of course very important that this page is responsive to be visualized on any media, from smartphones to big TV’s. We must not forget that more than 50% of all the users will soon navigate (estimated to be 2013) on smaller devices like smartphones.

This page has of course to be optimized (look for “Landing page optimization“) to get the highest possible percentage of sales.

Concluding, I suggest these four first steps:

  1. Start with a standard theme that is responsive
  2. Work out optimized text and images, rich with keywords while encourageing to book or buy,
  3. Inform about you landing page in Google Webmaster tools and analytics.
  4. Create a Facebook page and a Twitter account, for your business where you link to your landing page with different messages. Get other backlinks from other media, Google and Facebook announcements, portals and forum.

This will give you time to get in touch with a good web designer to elaborate the site of you business.