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by the KA members during AM 2018

Kidlink Association
document established 2018/01/28

This document has this content:

  1. Financial Statement
  2. Auditors Review

1. Financial Statement

a. 2017 Balance (fig 1 below).

The Balance report shows that our Paypal and SEB account  books with values in SEK are balanced.

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b. 2017 Income statement (fig 2 below)

We had during 2017  more costs than incomes.  The income statement shows therefore a negative of  11626 SEK. 

We had extraordinary expenses of about 13777 SEK. These includes

  • 765  USD for server management by our server security expert Felipe Carasso and
  • 429 USD for Kidlink name US copyright renewal.
  • 359 USD for Linode payment made by Pia as Kidlink VISA card did not work.

We registered Pias Linode payment by mistake as a extraordinary cost instead as a internet and server cost. So the real extraordinary costs were during 2017 1194 USD

The extraordinary cost of 1194 USD and the fact that we had less paying members and less donations, led to a net loss of 11.625.95 SEK during 2017 ( about 1364 USD.)
felipe Carasso our server security specialist helps us for free 1 hour ever month but we had to ask him for a longer work during 2017 securing our server. The Board  is very thankful for donations and help to find more paying members to avoid a net loss also in 2018.

Total asset 20180101

started 2018  with  a total asset of 24568.28 SEK (=2965,60 USD) in our Paypal and SEB accounts.

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Domenico Filippini
KA Board member and trea


  • 2017 KA membership

We had 20  paying members in 2017 . Bonnie paid for 5 members in Nepal.
25 members attended therefore  the Annual Meeting 2017.

Thi year we have 19 paying members. Bonnie paid for 5 members in Nepal.
24 members attend therefore the Annual Meeting 2018.

for the  Annual Meeting 2018

Click here to open the Auditors pdf review on Google drive

Auditor review 20171231 in pdf format to download