D/D Phases / Timeline

Description Student works Resources Objectives

After registering in Kidlink and check the rules for participation, you are ready to start:

Phases 1 (26 Feb-10 Mar)

  • Send to the coordinator a list with name, age, gender of the students
  • Go to the DD home page 
  • Introduce your school/group by creating a School Introduction Page under Artworks Spring 2018
  • Dialogue among teachers will take place in D/D Project FB Group 
  • By 10 Mar. all School Introductions must be published and shared in Artworks Spring 2018
  • By 15 Mar it will be care of the Coordinator to match the schools and their students and to post the lists in the project site.

Phases 2 (15-30 Mar.)

  • Teachers introduce the project to the students and invite them to write their descriptions.
  • If students were registered in Kidlink, (See here) they can create their own page from the teacher’s page using the nickname and pw that they got. If instead  students are not registered,  the teacher will create the pages ## where to post the  students’descriptions.   I suggest to register the students and make them authors!
  • ## Teachers can create one page each student or one page  each 5 or 6 students where to put their descriptions . They can use a table with 2 columns and 5 or 6 rows: name, description and later the coordinator will add the portrait. Look at this Template. 
  • By 30 March all descriptions have to be online 

Phases 3 (April.)

  • Teachers of the matched schools read/print the descriptions and distribute them to their students.
  • Now that all the descriptions are online, students can read and discuss if information is sufficient to draw a portrait likeness. What is missing? It has been shown hair color? hairstyle? the shape of the nose? 
  • In this case, students can require the missing details using the option Add comment on the bottom of the webpage or via email

Phases 4 (by April 30 )  Students draw the portraits!

  • Not all students are good at drawing, but they should commit to follow the directions in the description as possible. The portraits will be more or less attractive depending on the age of the students, the support or not of the art teacher or of the time available.
  • When the portraits will be ready, every teacher has to scan/photo them and then to send them as attachment to the coordinator. Note: (Size of your picture, must not exceed as width or height 600 pixels. Format must be: .jpeg/.jpg or .gif)  
  • Coordinator will post the portraits near the descriptions.


Be in touch by FB, to inform your partner teacher about problems, delays, missinenlightenedg students ecc It’s  essential to the success of the project and to avoid dampen the enthusiasm of the kids, work in sync with your partner. D/ D is a cooperative project and can not be done alone!

enlightened  Teachers have to check their inbox  regularly to see if partner students have posted comments to get more details, they need to activate them and allow students to answer as soon as possible.


During the activity the kids are invited to post comments asking for more useful details to draw a better portrait and comments about what the received portraits.

Description Student works Resources Objectives