Doves for Peace

Description Phases / timeline Participants 2017

The registration is open 1 September – 30 September

project starts on 1 October

Have a look at the project of the last years

The idea of the project is making friends with students all around the world by exchanging Peace messages. Students collaborate to compose their own peace messages on the dove-shaped sheets of paper. The letters usually contain information about the places where students live, symbols of the country, traditions, school and their own interests and hobbies.

When the project is over classes usually continue their collaboration if they really become friends. It depends on the teachers who communicate during the project. For this purpose there is a Facebook group Global Kidlink Doves for Peace project

NB! The Facebook group is open only for participants.

What’s Peace for you?

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This project is after successful practice during last four years. Students of any age can take part in it.

?Project Coordinator : Larissa Tarasevich